FREE Training Trial Week

Complimentary Personal Training Sessions

free training trial week

For one week only Pumps is offering a variety of time slots just for you to be able to try personal training!

Pick a time that works best for you off our list of options and enjoy a complimentary training session to see what it’s all about.

No commitment, no pressure, just see if you love it and find out for yourself why so many of our members do it too!

January 20-26

Sessions are limited and are booked on a first come first basis so be sure to book as soon as possible!

personal training
personal training

What is a personal training session?

During your session your trainer will spend about 10 minutes getting to know you and understanding your limitations if you have any and all your goals, then take your through a workout just for you. The session will not involve demonstrating how to use “the machines” but will consist of mostly functional training, involving free weights, medicine balls, therabands, stretching and more. The experience will be educational, challenging and memorable. *Exercises will vary by person depending on level, ability, limitations, goals, etc.

Why is Pumps offering this?

Whether you are clueless about what to do in the club and just aimlessly walking on the treadmills or someone who feels they push themselves but is getting bored with their workouts, everyone can benefit from a trainer. At Pumps we always want to focus on education, accountability, safety and results and the best way to hit all those points is in one-on-one sessions with one of our amazing certified personal trainers. We want YOU to succeed!

How do I sign up & are there any stipulations?

To sign up simply stop at the front desk and speak with a manager. Due to supply & demand we have reserved the sessions for current members who are not currently working with a trainer. Sessions are limited to one per member and members must agree to give 48 hours notice to cancel. The trainers are generously donating their time and spaces at a premium.