Starting Monday, March 23rd

instagram live classes

In an uncertain time like the present, keeping our bodies and minds healthy should be a top priority!

While we can’t teach our classes in person like we are used to, we CAN deliver to you INSTAGRAM LIVE ONLINE CLASSES with your favorite instructors and trainers!

Here’s how to access the classes:

1. Sign Up for Instagram Account or Log In to your Instagram account
2. Follow @bodyworkswoburn and/or @vitalcorewoburn
3. At the time of the scheduled class, click on the @bodyworkswoburn or @vitalcorewoburn icon that says LIVE in red
4. You will then be LIVE STREAMING your favorite instructors!


For Vital Core classes, save time by having your ‘home gym’ set up and ready before the LIVE class starts. Some household items can be used in place of our regular workout equipment/tools. Here are some examples:

  • 1, 2 or 3 lb weights if available, or as an alternative, water bottles or cans of soup could be used.
  • In place of sliders we suggest using paper plates on a rug or wash cloths on the floor.
  • A hand towel can be used for some weight resistance moves.
  • If you have Therabands or resistance loops, they can add to the workout to make it more challenging, but will not be required.
  • Grab a playground ball if available, a yoga block and a mat or towel.

Don’t have/want Instagram? After the class has finished, we will be posting the recording to Facebook for those who prefer that platform.

Check out the weekly schedule for both Bodyworks and Vital Core below.

Don’t forget to comment and say ‘what’s up’ to your instructor during class! See you (virtually) soon!

Bodyworks Online Class Schedule:

Monday 9:00 AMStrength w/Deb
Tuesday 9:00 AMFull Body w/Kim
Wednesday 10:00 AMFusion w/Danielle
Thursday 8:00 AMKickbox/Glutes/Abs w/Christine
Friday 8:00 AMCardio/Lower Body w/Danika
Saturday 8:00 AMHIIT w/Deb
Sunday 9:00 AMPump w/Christine

Vital Core Online Class Schedule:

Monday 10:00 AMPilates/Core Mat Class w/Kim
Tuesday 6:30 PMYoga w/Rae Ann
Wednesday 11:00 AMCore/Sculpt w/Deb
Thursday 6:30 PMPower Core Sculpt w/Geralyn
Friday 10:00 AMYoga w/Brenna
Saturday 8:00 AMPower Core/Sculpt w/Danika
Sunday 9:30 AMCore/Sculpt w/Mary Kate